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Integrated Holistic Education System (IHES)



Our Philosophy

“Where Education is aimed at a balanced growth of personality through tarbiyyah of the spirit, the intellect, the emotions and the physical  willingly and joyfully for the sake of Allah SWT.”


Our Vision / Mission

“Developing excellent, holistic individuals towards building an excellent generation based on total submission to Allah SWT”


Our Objectives

To provide an integrated and holistic educational program suitable for the early development of the child from pre school to tertiary level that produces a wholly practicing Muslim.  More ..


Celebrating 20 years of journey

2014 is a special year: ADNI turns 20. We’re excited to celebrate this significant milestone with you. Looking back at the past 20 years, many remarkable achievements  were made by our students, your children.

To commemorate turning 20, we have developed a number of special events that include seminars and Islamic concert. We invite you to explore our special coverage, which will continue throughout the year.

New: ADNI Pre-U

The pre-university programs at ADNI are a gateway to a successful university education.  These programs provide students with a solid academic foundation and equip them with the proper tools for a smooth transition to university studies.  The pre-university programs combine core courses, which will vary depending on the program of enrolment and general education courses.


Mindful of Allah

Whoever is mindful of Allah when he is young and strong, Allah will take care of him when he is old and has become weak, and will bless him with good hearing, eyesight, strength and intellect. One of the scholars who lived beyond the age of one hundred years and enjoyed good strength and reasoning jumped up in a lively manner one day, and was asked about that. He said: ‘I kept these physical faculties from sin when i was young, and Allah has preserved them for me now that I am old.’ The opposite also applies. One of the Salaf saw an old man begging from people and said: ‘ This is a weak man who ignored Allah when he was young. So, Allah is ignoring him now that he has grown old.’”
(Jami’ al-ulum wal Hikam)

Registration of Students

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