Learning in ADNI

Learning in ADNI is a holistic process of seeking, discovering, and gaining:

• fahmu (understanding)
> khabar (unverified statement: Declarative, Procedural, Conditional)
> insya’ (Instructive, Interrogative, Exclamative)
• ilm (verified statement: declarative, procedural, conditional)
> ilmul yakin (belief – a conviction or statement accepted to be true based on hujjah or justification; dalil nakhli and akhli)
> ainul yakin (knowledge or fact of reality)

2.skill, and

3.nurturing akhlak mahmudah (positive affection) – willingly and joyfully as a result of tarbiyyah (experiential activities and some sort of practices based on Islamic principles).

The intended learning outcomes are:

1.To enable the learners attain the abilities to get into doing things i.e. think critically, creatively, rationally, and be intrinsically motivated with good niat (intention/aim/plan), and make things happen (implementation).

2.They make things happen through
> ‘transfer of knowledge’
> action (amal), and
> strenuous efforts (mujahadah)

They strive in all their actions with servitude (ta’abut) to Allah swt as ibadah (which cleanse the heart/qalb) – doing and enjoining good deeds (amal ma’aruf),
avoiding and forbiding evil (nahee mungkar/maksiat) in the sense of:
• consciousness (conscious of Allah: Iman & taqwa)
• social empathy
• perception
• intention
• approach (uslub: from fundamental to details)
• planning
• performing duties
• da’awah
• solving problems
• carrying out countermeasures
• making improvement
• undertaking advanced control.

These are performed solely (ikhlas) to live for the ultimate goal (al ghayah) to meet our Rabbal alamin, Allah   Azza wa Jalla, and return to our original abode, Jannatu Adni (Eden Paradise). In sya Allah.