ADNI Qurban Programme 2019

TAMAN MELAWATI: ADNI Qurban Programme 2019 — one of the school’s annual events in conjunction with the Qurban Eid — was successfully held at ADNI Hadhonah & Raudhah (ADNI Pre-School & Nursery) on 13 August 2019 corresponding to 12 Dzulhijjah 1440, with the slaughtering of nine cows and two goats and the distribution of the qurban meat done by volunteers comprising ADNI teachers and staff, members of the public and a group of fire fighters (from the Ampang Fire Brigade). The programme started at 8am with a welcome speech by Programme Director Ustaz Rozi Mustapha followed by a congregational opening du’a led by Dr Taofeek Thani. Around 11.45am, all guests as well as ADNI staff and teachers, the board of directors and the management team who were present delightedly had a blessed lunch together, thanks to the committee members for helping out with the cooking of some of the qurban meat, thus enhancing the ties of ukhuwwah of the whole ADNI family, namely Keluarga ADNI Sejahtera.