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ADNI Integrated & Holistic
Secondary Education Programme


The Integrated Holistic Education System

The System is Designed to Provide a Broad and Balanced system of Education Aimed at Developing the Whole Person Based on Individual Human Potential.

Our Student are Taught to Prepare for long term success in life, and to ensure that every activities and development phases are in accordance to what pleases ALLAH SWT and to inculcate the Belief that the Succeeding Life is Condition by the Present.

Our Objective

  • To Provide an Integrated Educational Programme Suitable for the Early Development of the Child from Pre-school to Secondary Level that Produces a Wholly Practising Muslim
  • To Provide a Broad Spectrum of Avenues and Opportunities for Maximum Potential Growth to Help Individuals Achieves Excellence in All Aspects
  • To Nurture Leadership Skills and Qualities that are Necessary as a Khalifah of ALLAH SWT
  • To Develop the Human Potential and Impart the Necessary Knowledge in Order to Build an Excellent Ummah

Our Methodology

  • Using Creative, Innovative and Interactive Technique and Approaches
  • Adopting Instructional, Investigational and Experiential Learning Approaches
  • Using the Collaborative Approach to Encourage Collective Learning Through the Spirit of Brotherhood (Ukhuwwah) and Teamwork (Jemaah)
  • Applying Technology Aided Tools and techniques
  • Learning is Made to be Interesting and Challenging
  • Small Student-teacher Ratio

8.00 am – 4.30 pm

Breakfast, Lunch & Afternoon Tea Provided

To Determine the Most Suitable Level of Entry