ADNI Integrated & Holistic
Primary Education Program


Our Philosophy

“Where Education is Aimed at a Balanced Growth of Personalty, Willingly and Joyfully for the Sake of ALLAH SWT”

Our Objective

  • To Provide an Integrated Educational Programmes Suitable for the Early Development of the Child from Pre-School to Secondary Level that Produces a Wholly Practising Muslim
  • To Provide a Brand Spectrum of Avenues and Opportunities for Maximum Potential Growth to Help individual Achieve Excellent in All Aspects
  • To Nurture Leadership Skills and Qualities that are Necessary to Carry out one’s Responsibility as a Khalifah of ALLAH SWT

Our Methodology

  • Using Creativity, Innovative and Interactive Techniques and Approaches
  • Adopting Instructional, Investigational and Experiential Learning Approaches
  • Applying the 3 Rs: Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic as Foundation of Learning
  • Using the Collaborative Approach to Encourage Collective Learning Through the Spirit of Brotherhood (Ukhuwwah) and Teamwork (Jemaah)
  • Technology aided tools and techniques for Learning and teaching
  • Learning is Made To Be Interesting and Easy
  • Small Student-teacher Ratio
  • The Tarbiyyah process as the Main Thrust of the Total Student Development

Where Learning is Easy and Fun

  • Hafazan and Qiraati
  • Language Development Programme Malay, English, Arabic & Mandarin
  • Mathematic and Science, Arithmetic, Problem Solving & Systematic Thinking, Introducing the World of Science According to Al-Quran and As-Sunnah
  • Arts and Crafts to Develop Creativity
  • Daily Doas Applies in Our Life
  • Islamic Studies Akhlaq, Seerah, Fiqh and Tauhid
  • Hadith for Children
  • Young Genius Computer Pioneer Programme from NCC UK
  • Social Studies and Humanities
  • Compulsory Martial Arts, Swimming Lessons and Tunas kebab Remaja Sekolah
  • Wide Choice of Club and Games

8.00 am – 4.00 pm


To Determine The Most Suitable Level of Entry


6 – 12 Years Old

Breakfast, Lunch & Tea Provided