Secondary Boys’ Qiam I

TAMAN SRI UKAY: The first Secondary Boys’ Qiam Programme for all Secondary Levels — from Secondary One to Secondary Five, including SPDU students — for the Second Semester of 2019 was successfully held at Musolla Ash-Shafi’ie on 19-20 July 2019. The registration for the qiam programme started at 6.00pm, and the recitation of the ma’thurat led by Ustaz Zubir started around 6.45pm (before the congregational Maghrib prayers). There was a great tazkirah by the qiam programme’s guest speaker Ustaz Zaid Muhammad of IIUM between the Maghrib and ‘Isha prayers, in which issues of youngsters and their leadership were dealt with in an interactive manner. All the congregational Maghrib, ‘Isha and Tahajjud prayers were led by students — all praise be to Allah. Alhamdulillah.